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ProLine Badlands MX43 Reifen auf Impulse Pro-Loc Felge für Traxxas X-Maxx

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This is a pair of pre-mounted Badlands MX43 tires for X-MAXX®. Pro-Line is ready to unleash the long-awaited tire solution for X-MAXX® owners with the Biggest and Baddest tire and wheel combo ever conceived: the Badlands MX43 mounted on Impulse Wheels! Pro-Line Badlands tires are known for having a sweet Motocross inspired tread and the all-new Badlands MX43 tires kick that up a notch with a Bigger and Bolder knobby tread that matches modern MX tire design. These tires have been developed from the ground up for extreme X-MAXX® punishment with an all-new ultra-durable compound that prevents tire ballooning even at high speeds. The Badlands MX43 features Pro-Line’s ground breaking proprietary Pro-Loc Technology that creates an ultra-secure bond to Pro-Line’s Impulse Pro-Loc X-MAXX® wheels while still being removable when required. The Badlands MX43 is a true All-Terrain tire that will find traction on any surface but is best suited for loose & loamy dirt, mud or grass. Just imagine your X-MAXX® throwing up huge rooster tails with these aggressive looking tires!

Pro-Line has the ultimate Wheel solution for X-MAXX® owners with the all-new Impulse Pro-Loc Wheels! The Impulse features a ground breaking Bead-Loc design that allows users to change tires or foams when necessary without worrying about the tires coming out of the bead. Pro-Line’s proprietary Pro-Loc Technology brings this feature to life and creates an ultra-secure bond between Pro-Line’s Pro-Loc Tires and Pro-Line’s Impulse Pro-Loc Wheels. The reinforced Tire bead of Pro-Line’s Pro-Loc Tires fit into a uniquely shaped channel on the wheel and the bead-loc screws actually pass through the tire rubber before being pinched by the outer bead-loc ring to create the maximum possible mounting security. The Impulse design is inspired by full-size off-road wheels with a Tough, Blacked-out look and is manufactured at Pro-Line Headquarters in the USA out of extra thick, extremely durable material designed to take some serious abuse. The look of the Impulse Pro-Loc Wheel is finished off with the Stone Gray Bead-Loc Ring that will get your truck noticed wherever you go!

If you want to take your X-MAXX® to the next level of Performance and Durability get Pro-Line’s new Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc Tires mounted to Impluse Pro-Loc Wheels!

*Please Note Pro-Line Pro-Loc Wheels only accept Pro-Line Pro-Loc Tires*

Tire Features:

Incredible Traction on Any Surface
All New Ultra-Durable and Anti-Ballooning Tire Compound
Aggressive Motocross-Inspired Appearance
Reinforced Tire Bead
Ground Breaking Proprietary Pro-Loc Technology
Tire also available Un-Mounted
Foam Inserts Included
Made in the USA, since 1982 – Read about Pro-Line Racing’s History
Wheel Features:

Ground Breaking Pro-Loc Mounting Technology
Change Tires or Foams and Re-use the Wheels
Tough, Blacked-out Impulse Wheel styling
Extra Thick, Extremely Durable to Take Serious X-MAXX® Abuse
Stone Gray Bead-Loc Rings Stand Out from the Crowd
Wheels also available Un-Mounted

Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc Tires pre-mounted to Impulse X-MAXX® Wheels (2 pcs)

Height: 8.30" (211mm)
Width: 3.82" (97mm)

© MK Racing 2017
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